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  • Practicing Oriental Medicine Principles through the medium of Acupressure since 1988.
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has given patronage by way of premise free of costs.
  • Shear enthusiasm brought Mr. Sadanand S. Bondre, the Permanent Trustee, in this field.
  • Had opportunity to study under our GURU – late Dr. L N Kurulkar, MBBS, Radiologist and abhyasak (deep studious practitioner) of various techniques that fall under the umbrella & Principles of Oriental Medicine and Yoga. Had good knowledge of Sanskrit too.
  • He was Disciplinarian, Hard Task Master, Perfectionist but an Open Book. The same principles were preached, advocated to us & are followed and percolated while training.
  • We all at NPT (Nisargopachar Propogation Trust) follow him & his principles in our approach and treatment.
  • Even in commercial capital Mumbai, like minded people do exist. All that NPT has achieved is because of such volunteers & support of their families.

In the late 80s, group of like minded people from different walks of life joined-hands to spread this message and to explore, identify, acquire, master & propagate principles of Nature Cure ~ Oriental Medicine that restore health. Later formed the Trust in the name & style “Nisargopachar Propogation Trust”.