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  • Over the years, in the race to attain speedy relief from body disorders, modern techniques were applied, but in the process, Ancient Treasure of Nature Cure & its Wisdom was ignored.
  • Our ancestors treasured know how on Sampurna Arogya (Holistic Health) using nature itself taking Body, Mind and Soul as one unit.
  • Oriental Medicine Principles encompass and preserve this wisdom totally.
  • Different mediums are available to exercise these principles.
  • Acupressure / Shiatsu is completely non-invasive but effective & responsive.

Oriental Medicine Principles through Acupressure medium is:
  • A regularizing Technique
  • Very effective on System Disorders
  • Non-invasive & totally external mode of treatment.
  • Gives quick & lasting Motor Recovery.
  • Either initiates, or accelerates, or enhances process of natural healing.
  • Restore body close to homeostasis.
  • Has effect on “Body”, “Mind” and “Spirit” together.
  • Has no “Side Effects”, “After effects”, or “Ill effects”

In the late 80s, group of like minded people from different walks of life joined-hands to spread this message and to explore, identify, acquire, master & propagate principles of Nature Cure ~ Oriental Medicine that restore health. Later formed the Trust in the name & style “Nisargopachar Propogation Trust”.